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My Friend's Impression (taken from my memory book)

N a m e : Steve Cosel
Nationality : USA ( Los Angeles )
D a t e : May 29, 2002.
E-mail :

Dodo is such a great guy; he is reliable, speak good English, he has own van, respond promptly to emails and offer reasonable rates for his services as a Driver and Guide, always willing to help travelers and always with a smile….!! It would be a big mistake for anyone coming to Makassar to miss out on to chance to meet Dodo. He is most interested in helping tourists without concern for compensation, and his pen collection is incredible…!!
Be sure to ask Dodo to teach you some BUGIS, he will teach you some very interesting words and phrases. YOU ARE THE GREATEST DODO..!!

Makassar, August 31, 2008

Dear Dodo,
It’s our last day of our 30-days holiday in Indonesia and to our regret we need to travel back to Holland + Bulgaria. To our regret because we had an excellent week in Sulawesi with you, Dodo…! Excellent not only because of very many nice and adventurous experiences in Makassar and Toraja land but also because we had YOU as our guide : a nice, friendly, always smiling, positive, helpful man, with a great hospitality. We have found a new friend as well because of your wonderful personality : very warm and supportive. You are the person that everyone wishes to have during the holiday but in life as well. From the very first minute that we met at Makassar airport until the last hours in Makassar, we experienced a great guy..!! you brought us to places in Toraja land that were so amazing to us, we had surprising meetings everyday : a wedding party, funerals, children, schools, families, people…..
Gala and me will speak and discuss this week with you anytimes, we had an unforgettable week. Thanks to you……!!
Later on this week I will send you pictures as promised, about 450.
We hope you also had a nice week with us, we will keep in touch, and just say again :
Terima Kasih Banyak…. ERNST & GALA
e-mail address:

Makassar, August 14, 2008

N a m e : Ong Tee Suan
Nationality : Malaysia
E-mail :

We are fortunate to have Dodo accompany us throughout the journey, traveling in 9 including 5 kids, it is never easy but with Dodo, who takes good care of us, it has been such a wonderful journey. From the beach to the highland, everything is planned almost perfectly. Through Dodo we learn a lot about Indonesia and Sulawesi, and from him we learn about the real of life.

Dodo, we hope to see you in Kuala Lumpur one day. Just make the booking to Kuala Lumpur and we shall meet again.

Please: what we get is not only an almost perfect journey but a lot of learning from a man who is so passionate about his life, work and family. Learn a great deal..!!

Ong, Angie, Shu Ying, Shu Ee, Shu Wen Lud, Foi, Terrence, Victor

Ong Shu Wen (7 years old kid) :
Thank you uncle Dodo for bringing us to Bira beach, waterfall, boat riding, Bull fight, and buffalo killing.

Thank you so much!!!!

Ong Shu Wen From Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur.

Ong N Lua's family In Makassar Airport ( Tour end )

Name : Henk, Elma, Eline en Carlyn
Nationality : Dutch.
Date : July 15, 2008.
Email :

Dear Dodo,
From the first contact via email you provided us with all the information we needed to plan our trip to Sulawesi. You WELCOME US at the airport and invited us to your home and family. Took care of Transport, food and great stories about your country with enthusiasm and we felt at home from the first moment. You introduced us to Tamarella and markisa fruit drinks and we got a wonderful and relaxed tour around Makassar including Fort Rotterdam.
You arranged our trip to Tana Toraja and Rantepao and introduced us to Mr. Yatim Sucipto. Yatim is not only a great guide for the Toraja Region, but also has wonderful voice and play the guitar very well.
We enjoy our stay in Makassar, Bira and the Toraja region Thanks to you and your ability to make all things being easy.
You have delivered on all your promises and more…!!
Many thanks for your services and be sure that next time we will visit Sulawesi, we will call you again….!!!!
Henk's Family and me In Toraja

Makassar, November 21, 2008
Name : Kate Reitzenstein & Penelope Coutas
Nationality : Australia.
Occupation : Indonesian Teacher in Australia
E-mail : &

Saya mau mengucapkan Banyak Terima Kasih atas Bantuan dan Perhatian pak. Dodo dan keluarganya terhadap kami, dua Guru Bahasa Indonesia ini.
Sejak pertemuan sama Bapak di Bandar Udara, perjalanan kami menjadi lancar dan penuh dengan aktivitas yang menarik dan mengasyikkan : Kunjungan ke Pelabuhan Paotere, benteng-benteng, Balla Lompoa, Festival Kraton , Pantai Losari, makan malam di Rumah makan ikan laut Lae-lae dan pembicaraan di Radio Celebes Makassar (live), Aduhh….!! Sangat menyenangkan dan tidak akan saya lupakan.
Dan banyak Terima Kasih atas Bantuan bapak membeli tiket pesawat, cari guide di Toraja, mencari pulsa dsb….Bapak Dodo seperti Malaikat.
Andaikata ada Kompetisi “ Sulawesian of the year “, Pasti pak Dodo Menang.


Me, Kate and her Parents

Makassar, July 23, 2008.

Name : Kelly Donaldson
Nationality : Canadian.
Occupation : Teacher of International School in Jakarta
E-mail :

How Lucky we were to find you on the THORN TREE SITE before we arrived…!
You picked us up at the Airport, arranged a Guide and Accommodation in Toraja, and then Safely Transported us back to Makassar.
Trevor, Alison and I have thoroughly Enjoyed our time here and we feel very Blessed to have met you. Through you, we have Experienced a more intimate side of life here. The wedding was a memorable experience, as was meeting your family and staying in your Comfortable home.
As many people have written before, we also feel that we have made a friend in you.
I look forward to staying in Touch and sending you pens….!!!

Thanks so much for everything…!!

PS : Alison will be always be Fine ( and hungry )…!!

P.P.S : Always Remember… pong IS ONLY A GAME…..!!!


N a m e : Leslie Murata
Nationality : USA
E-mail :
Date : July 1st, 2008

To my friend Dodo,
When I first met you Dodo, you asked me what are my plans in Sulawesi.
My answer was, “ To meet Dodo the famous Penman….!!! “
Thank you for showing me around Makassar and letting me stay in your home with your family. Thank you for telling me your wonderful stories and Indonesian lesson life, how to tell the difference between a Tourist and an Indonesian in a taxi, why there are so many fish in the sea, and telling me the 5 different ways to get to Toraja.

Dodo, your nick name might be the Penman because of your fantastic collection of pens, but I think you also collect friends, you might be the kindest, most generous man in the World. I will tell everyone to go to visit Dodo the Penman. So you can add more friends to your collection.
You may be famous for your Pens, but you will never be forgotten because of your kindness.

Leslie Murata and me in The Baby Grave of Toraja
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N a m e : Uros Kastelic
Nationality : Slovenia
Date : July 4, 2008
E-mail :

Dear Dodo,
We have traveled many places around the World.
It is the Indonesian hospitality that mores, this trip so special and you Dodo are very symbol of that.
Your kindness, your respect and your sense of humor are some of the other values that set you apart from other people we met during our travels.

Thank you again for being such a Kind Person.

Your friends from Slovenia.

Wina, Uros, Anja and Matey.

PS : You are most welcome in our countryat any time.

N a m e : Nicki Janczak
Nationality : USA
Date : January 25, 2008
E-mail :

Ah……Dodo, words cannot express What a Truly Wonderful Person you are. Yes, your tour guide and driving services are Absolutely the Best and made our visit all the more wonderful. But more important is your open heart and kind, selfless, giving nature. You always try to see how other people feel and what they need and to help provide it.
If everyone in the World was as Generous in spirit as you, the World would be at Peace. Not only did I enjoy your companionship, knowledge, and sense of humor but I learn many lessons from you by seeing the kind of person I want to become.
Because of you I will open my heart even more and try to treat everyone with kindness and understanding. I am in owe of you and how you view life.
I look forward to seeing you again, either here or in Bali (Please visit and bring your family, I have plenty of rooms for all of you…!!)
In the mean time, I will try to pass your kind nature on to everyone I meet, much love and luck to you!

N a m e : Donna Lum
Nationality : Hawai, USA ( Now living in Bali )
D a t e : 2001.
E-mail : donna@kulukgallery,com

Dear Dodo,
Thank you so much for your kind hospitality and friendship in showing me the
“ Real ” Makassar and for your shopping help. I hope we will remain friends and you will visit me in Bali. After just a few days with you I feel like we are old friend
Thanks for the books, the Bubur Menado, the game tables, the packing, and taking my friend to the doctor.
For anyone wondering how to get around in Makassar, finding Hotel, shopping, tourist advice, food, etc…etc…Dodo can’t be beat.
It’s the next best thing to having family in the area or visiting friends.
Also, Henk, if you read this, thank to you for recommending Dodo to me, he is exactly what you said He is a friendly person with a good heart.

N a m e : Alan Guppy
Nationality : Australia
D a t e : April 23, 2001
E-mail :

Dodo pick us up from the Airport, organized accommodation, book Airfares to Palu on returning, he organized Airfares to Bali, went to a Culture Show got us on TV, he made our stay in Sulawesi most pleasant despite to hot weather and found us Cold beer (most important) I feel Dodo is a true friend for life.
I would have no hesitation in Recommend him to anybody visiting Ujung Pandang.

N a m e : Leif and Mia
Nationality : Swiss
D a t e : April 25, 2001
E-mail :

Dear Dodo,
Thanks for all your help concerning everything for Transport, Accommodation, Guidance, advice to finding lost lady hat.
You are an Extraordinary man with a much genuine generosity, warmth humor, and ambition to make your guests happy.
Thankfully, unlike the Dodo bird, your kind is not extinct, though extremely rare
We looked for a Guide, but we found a True Friend.

N a m e : Rasore Fabrizio and Marvi
Nationality : Italy
D a t e : October 20, 2001
E-mail :

Thanks to Henk ( and Lonely Planet TT ).
We meet Dodo while in Makassar, we stay in his house, the place is nice, clean and quiet, what everybody need in a town like Makassar.
Dodo was very helpful to help us to buy ship ticket, to visit the town and to see nice place that we never could find in the town (Market Place). We went to exhibition where I found a nice knife for my collection and Dodo of course found a knife…pen.
Thanks Dodo and all the family. We will come back soon or later.
Now we are going to Banda to see if I could catch some nice fishes.
Sampai jumpa.
PS : I apologize for my bad English.

N a m e : Trine Neve
Nationality : Danish.
D a t e : 2001.
E-mail :


N a m e : Erica steenvoorden and Albert van nunen
Nationality : Dutch
D a t e : July 23, 2002.
E-mail :

We met Dodo thru Robin when he drove us from Makassar to Bira, Robin’s wife said that Dodo can bring us to Toraja if you want…!! And we wanted it because my God he is a good driver. I never felt so save in a car as with him, especially here with all these chauffeurs without a license. Beside his save driving Dodo is very relaxed and funny, good company with great story’s to tell.
Thanks Dodo for a great time and save journey……..Erica.

Our meeting was co accident. It was ment to be…!!
We very much enjoy your company and your driving. You are a very good and save driver. But not only that you are a nice and very trustworthy person and a wise man (orang pintar).
We will RECOMMENDED You to all my friends will come to Sulawesi.
Thank you Dodo for a very pleasant time………….Albert.

N a m e : Mieke Kox
Nationality : Holland
D a t e : August 1st, 2002
E-mail :

Dear Dodo,
I think it was faith or good luck that we meet you in Bira. I am really happy that it happen.
First, you were so kind to take us with your car and we could also stay at your house. You have really nice house and 3 lovely daughters.
I am grateful for all your help and explanation, also for the water melon that you give me every day. I am sad we only stay here for 2 days, but when I come back to Sulawesi, I am sure to come to your house again.
I will bring my boy friend, it is nice to have a friend in Indonesia.
Thanks Dodo.

N a m e : Giovanni Uleri and Barbara Cologni
Nationality : Italy.
D a t e : August 12, 2002.
E-mail :

We met Dodo in internet, we went with him to do a big tour :
Bira, Sengkang and Rantepao and we had a very nice time.
He is a very special man, he is really honest and take care of every thing you need.
Dodo, you think to be a not good guide, maybe you are right because you don’t know every detail of the places we visited, but you are a real friend…!!!

N a m e : Sandra Cohen and Richard Struve
Nationality : USA ( Seattle, Washington )
D a t e : April 2, 2007.
E-mail :

We had traveled to Indonesia before, but never to Sulawesi.
We got the idea to contact you from Lonely Planet, Thorn Tree, because we want a safe and reliable driver.
Even with all The Excellent Recommendations on Thorn Tree, we were not prepared for how wonderful you would make our week-long visit to South Sulawesi.
Everything you set up for us exceeded our expectations. You suggested we visit the Makassar Market, but we had no idea we would enjoy coffee, tea, and chat with you relatives. This gave us an insight we’d never have had without your help.
The same sort of special surprises followed, day after day, because of your kindness and your enthusiasm. We attended a Buginese Wedding where you sang and we danced, much to the delight of the wedding party.
You suggested we re-arrange our schedule for going to Rantepao in Tana Toraja so we wouldn’t miss the big market day, and assisted us to visit a Traditional Torajan Funeral.
You connected us with Mr. Yatim, an excellent Torajan Guide, and then later with Mr. Rusli, a fine Boatman in Sengkang, who helped us see many of the birds on Danau Tempe and took us to visit relatives of his on the Lake.
It is a hard to imagine our travels in South Sulawesi without you we would have missed all the special people , special local food and unique experiences you shared with us.
You are a very safe driver, and a generous and a congenial companion. We give you our Highest Recommendation, and hope we will travel with you again.
Your friend always……..Richard n Sandra.

N a m e : Amy Windom
Nationality : USA
D a t e : July 14, 2007.
E-mail :

I cannot express in words how deeply grateful I am for your kind help and generosity.
I have traveled through almost every country in Asia, much of Europe, and some of Africa, and I can honestly say that I have never experienced the kind of warm hospitality you have shown me.
From the beginning when Dodo was waiting for me at the airport at the ungodly hour of midnight, greeting me like a long-lost relative.
Dodo, you do everything to ensure that my visit to Sulawesi was very special, for arranging Alam as my driver, to guide assistance in Toraja with Yatim/Daud,
To taking care of my flight tickets on to Menado.
I will never forget how you welcome me into your home and your family, prepared a delicious meal for me and invited me to your family wedding.
You and your family have set an incredible standard for what it means to be,
Gracious hosts, and above all, dear friends. I hope that someday I will have the chance to host you in the U.S, or at least see you again in Sulawesi.
There aren’t many places that I am as eager to return to as I am to Sulawesi, and that is in large part .
Thanks to you and your family.
With deep appreciation and friendship.

N a m e : Wouter and Eric
Nationality : Dutch
D a t e : 2002
E-mail :

Starting our Holidays has never been so easy as when we met you, you have been a great help to us, driving us every where and giving us the right advise.
So many thanks for you and your family and we hope to meet you again in the near future…….!!!

P.S : We will let you know about the rest of our holiday by sending you an email afterwards….!!

N a m e : Ian Ball
Nationality : Canada
D a t e : December 18, 2002.
E-mail :

I believe my trip to Makassar would not have been as enjoyable if I did not meet you. The day trip to the various site around Makassar was fascinating and well timed. The waterfall was the highlight, and the harbor visit unique opportunity to see a small local ships.
Your suggestion to visit Keke Island before Samalona Island was very smart, as the snorkeling at Keke is truly “bagus”.
I hope to visit you in the future………….Take care….!!!

N a m e : Jeff and Hillary McBride
Nationality : USA
D a t e : March 10. 2003.
E-mail :

Thanks for everything. You SPOILED US….!!
You made everything so enjoyable and easy, we would have had a difficult and I am sure less enjoyable time had we not met you.
Thanks so much for all the info as well Man.
Thanks also for taking care of all of our transport details. Wow….so easy now..!
Lastly, thanks to you and your family for your hospitality. We felt very welcome.


Truly a Gem’ you have MADE our sulawesi experience…!!


N a m e : John M. Gorrindo
Nationality : USA
D a t e : July 8, 2005.
E-mail :

Dodo….This will not be the last time I see you and hopefully have the pleasure of staying at your home.I will be living in Bira for many months and will come visit, and I hope you do the same……!!!!
Dodo, you are directly responsible for encouraging me to visit Bira, and because you recommended I go there, I was able to meet Riswan and find a place where I could help educate some children in Indonesia who are really disadvantage.
You are a man with a big heart, a very generous spirit and a wonderful family.
I am honored to call you my friend, TEMAN…..ya…!
You have taught me so much and show me even more. I am looking forward to further adventures with Dodo Mursalim.
This is not “Good bye”
I say,
With much gratitude and Friendship.

N a m e : Rebecca Ward & Michael Kull
Nationality : USA
D a t e : 2005
E-mail :

Dodo, we are glad to see that you are recovering from the…………!!
We have shared so many unforgettable experience with you…..
- “La Bamba” at the wedding.
- Dirty jokes – when you are lonely, just think about the camel..!
- We learn not to ask a question if we can’t understand the answer..!
- Torajan Rocky roads – better to just walk then,,!!
- “would you like to try some? Are you sure? Are you sure?”
Thank you for teaching us about Indonesian toilets too, we still don’t understand…!!!
Everything Mister Steve told me about you is TRUE.
You are one of kindest people we have ever meet. We thank you so much for opening up your home to us and for showing us the Real Indonesia.
We love this country and just like you, everyone we met here has been generous with their heart.
We really enjoy Makassar, Toraja, Sengkang, and Bira.
Thank you for all your hard work….but most of all, for your friendship.
Whenever you come to America, you and your family are welcome to stay with us.
Thank you for making this trip so much fun. You are truly a remarkable person.
All our best to you.

Rebecca & Michael
“ One man’s backyard is another man’s dream destination

N a m e : Ronni & Eni Pederson
Nationality : Denmark.
D a t e : November 11, 2006.

When I first planned this trip to Sulawesi for my parents, my wife and my self, my initial thoughts was to fly from Makassar to Rantepao to spare my parents from the loooooong bus ride I remember far too well. However, it seemed that every bule that has ever visited Makassar recommended me to contact you instead. So I did - and I/we haven’t regretted for one second.
You have really made our trip to Sulawesi a very pleasant one. You are a great driver that made us – and more importantly my parents – feel safe on the South Sulawesi roads.
Thanks for being you Dodo, thanks for introducing us to yatim in Rantepao, thanks for helping us bargain the good price on our Rantepao Hotel – and of course ….thanks for introducing us to Pak. Sutar (Mr. Sulaiman) we will send pictures so you can see they really are identical Twin.
Two things are for sure.
Now we are also some of the Bules recommending you and when if we go back to Makassar – you will be the one of the main attraction.
Thanks for some great days.

N a m e : Christ & Annika
Nationality : UK
D a t e : December 28, 2007.
E-mail :

What can I say..!!
You are the man about Town…!!
Dodo look after us so well during our stay in Makassar.
Such a genuine man. We were so happy to find someone we could call on to help us out. From picking us up from the airport to finding a hotel that we were satisfied with ( looked at about 10..!! ), to changing our bus tickets when we got ill to checking up on us to see how we were…!!!
Everything was done with biggest smile and we are so grateful – thank you so so much for everything Dodo – YOU ARE A LEGEND…!!
We feel like we’ve made a new friend…!!
With warmest thanks and appreciation.

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